Experience Agility

Your organization can achieve Relentless Innovation.
All you need is a little help.

Experience Results in 90 days

Thomas Edison used timeboxes to drive innovation. Agile and Lean use timeboxes to drive results. Your transformation can succeed in 90 days.


We deliver motivational presentations about Relentless Innovation, inspired by Lean Startup, DevOps & Agile success stories that will get your teams intrigued and wanting more.


We use the latest research in brain and motivation sciences to get your teams to act. No more fruitless trainings! Our workshops lead both to immediate results and lasting changes.


Once your teams are eager to act, and know what to do, you still want them to conduct safe experiments for long term success. Our background and coaching skills will provide you just that.


Are you ready to experience Agility? Do you want to see immediate results for your organization?

  • Presentations
  • $0/45mn
  • Depending on our availability, we gladly offer in-person presentations, or through Skype (good internet connection required).
  • 45mn free presentation for your organization
  • All we ask for is feedback!
  • Our presentations target executives, managers or teams
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  • Education
  • $975/person
  • Our in-person workshops are designed to get teams to create Minimum Viable Products, Changes or Initiatives
  • 1-day workshop, per person. Minimum 15 participants
  • 1h free in-person or Skype interview to go over your context and challenge
  • Contact us for the prerequisites, room configuration etc...
  • Total satisfaction or your money back! Some conditions apply.
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  • Coaching
  • $1750/day
  • Our results-oriented coaching has transformed organizations; hire us for a timebox. Then call us back if needed!
  • 1-day of coaching, including external monitoring. 10 days minimum to use over 90 days.
  • 1h free in-person or Skype interview to go over your context and challenges.
  • Total satisfaction or your money back! Some conditions apply.
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"Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend Olivier as an expert coach who is adept and proficient at leading an organization down the path of Agile and DevOps learning.”
Joel Gilchrist, Architect, Canadian Blood Services


"Olivier was involved on a number of key, multi million dollar projects, playing different roles, from pre-sales/solution architect to lead project lead/manager. Olivier has always stepped up to the challenge and delivered on my expectations. I would hire him again and I highly recommend him."
Fabrice Lebegue, Managing Director at Platinion (The Boston Consulting Group)


"I worked closely with him to develop www.bell.ca, and collaborated on other occasions. He can be counted on to deliver the job, has a deep understanding of architecture issues, hands-on when programming is involved, and proactive when solving problems. He is well-liked and highly regarded by his colleagues”
Vincent Yin, Technical Manager, Oracle